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A global alternative investment manager operating integrated businesses across Credit, Private Equity, Real Estate Strategic Initiatives and Secondaries.

Equity Flare Overview

Equity Flare's Impact Fund (“Global Impact”) builds on EF’s track record of investing in solutions and our history of thoughtful management of ESG issues. Through this strategy, we are seeking to generate private equity risk-adjusted returns alongside social good as the world faces unparalleled challenges, which are even clearer today. Global Impact invests in leading companies where financial performance and positive societal impact are intrinsically aligned.









$5 B




Our Mission

Successful commercial real estate investing depends on thorough analysis, not whimsical prediction. Equity Flare believes good fortune in investing is the product of good thinking. The firm’s goal is to apply disciplined bottom-up analytical procedures, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive asset management to transactions that possess a value-oriented investment thesis.

For nearly 6 years, Equity Flare has been a leader in the commercial real estate private equity industry. The firm combines a vast origination platform, a disciplined investment strategy, and highly experienced professionals to generate risk-adjusted investment returns that rank Equity Flare among the top performers within its field.

Assessing and Managing Impact

In addition to aligning with the processes and expectations of our private equity investment process, all EQUITY FLARE’s impact investments will seek to meet the four criteria highlighted below.


Achieve attractive, risk-adjusted returns


Contribute Solutions to SDGs


Generate impacts that are measurable


Seek measurable improvements to ESG performance during EQUITY FLARE ownership

These four investment imperatives are complex and multidimensional, relating closely to several important SDGs. The below figure illustrates some of the connections between these four impact themes and the SDGs associated with the investments Global Impact made in 2021.


If the investment does not perform in line with your expectations, require the manager or operator to work with you to identify and implement strategies to improve future performance.

Our investment groups collaborate to seek to deliver innovative investment solutions designed to achieve attractive investment returns for investors across market cycles. We believe our global footprint throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East is a key advantage in providing us with deep knowledge and extensive networks and resources in the markets we invest in. .

Consulting, Analytics, and Research

As the responsibility for funding retirement continues to shift to individuals, plan sponsors and financial professionals are increasingly challenged to help investors understand and measure the impacts of their allocation decisions on their portfolios.

Our Portfolio Clarity® team of independent and highly qualified portfolio analysts can provide you with a comprehensive risk audit of your client’s portfolio to identify gaps, deficiencies, redundancies, and hidden risks.

Our comprehensive portfolio solutions can be used to evaluate risk and plan menu design with services including:

  • Interest rate stress tests
  • Active share metrics
  • Analytics to help prepare for retirement distributions
  • Custom research, modeling, and glidepath analysis

Why Invest in Equity Flare

  • 01
    Sustainable Development Goals

    Equity Flare provides research and education, and facilitates collaboration, to help investors align their responsible investment practices with the broader sustainable objectives of society – as currently best defined by the SDGs.

  • 02
    Climate change

    Climate change is the highest priority ESG issue facing investors. Equity flare is working to help investors protect portfolios from risks and to expose them to opportunities in the shift to a low-carbon global economy.

  • 03
    Environmental, social and governance

    Equity flare works with signatories to identify key environmental, social and governance issues in the market, and coordinates engagements, publications, webinars, podcasts and events to address them.

  • 04
    Planning and advice

    From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning.

  • 05
    Straightforward pricing

    With minimal account fees, $0 commission trades, and minimal amount to open an account, we can help your money go further.

  • 06
    Robust investing tools

    Get easy-to-use tools and the latest professional insights from our team of specialists.

Mission Statement

Responsible investment considers how environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues impact the firm, the companies in which Equity Flare-managed funds invest, the communities in which they operate, and the world at large. At Equity Flare, we have a long-term practice of using ESG factors in our investment management strategy and believe that careful attention to such factors makes good business sense. As applicable and appropriate, Equity Flare:

  • Incorporates ESG issues into its investment analysis and decision-making processes;
  • Engages on ESG issues with applicable investments it manages;
  • Seeks appropriate and applicable disclosure on ESG issues by investments it manages;
  • Reports on its ESG activities and progress to limited partners; and
  • Supports the implementation of ESG practices in the investment management industry.

The Impact Investing Spectrum

Benefit to Investors

Investors today understand and are increasingly demanding, that their investments be sustainable – that managers consider the Environmental, Social and Governance risks inherent in every company. They want to invest in the same manner that they buy goods as consumers – without sacrificing investment performance. Many investors further aspire to make a positive impact with their investments, directly or even indirectly through experienced ESG investment managers.


Measuring the carbon intensity of portfolios – An Explainer

Equity Flare has adopted the metric called Weighted Average Carbon Intensity (WACI) to report some funds’ carbon emissions. WACI measures the carbon intensity of businesses rather than total carbon emissions, enabling customers and clients to compare the weighted average carbon efficiency or intensity of a fund with that of its benchmark.

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Learn How We Foster Growth

Our Operations Team is comprised of strategic leaders, our focused team of expert project leaders and associates, and an eco-system of partners with expertise in key supplemental functions (e.g. digital, market research, IT). Together, these resources work closely both with our investment teams in due diligence to assess growth and improvement opportunities and with our portfolio company executives to act on and capture value across a range of strategic and operational value creation levers. Their work ranges from revenue and growth opportunities such as pricing, product development, and e-commerce, to cost and capital reduction initiatives such as lean manufacturing, procurement, and IT spend management.

Enhancing Operational Excellence

Our deep and dedicated team of strategic and functional experts as well as our embedded resources, provide real skill transfer to drive rapid operational improvements. We improve purchasing and supply-chains, manufacturing efficiencies, business analytics, pricing and margin enhancement, operating costs and inventory, and working capital optimization. These highly differentiated resources underscores our commitment to be added-value partners.

Developing Strategic Thought Partnerships

Our portfolio companies benefit from our wide network of strategic industry contacts, active lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management talent. These sources provide market and product expertise, multinational distribution capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities.

Expanding Human Capital

We generally invest in companies with strong and proven management teams. Additionally, we may recruit and augment management to support the growth of a company. We utilize our significant industry contacts. In addition, we take an active role in ensuring that the appropriate incentives are in place for the management team.

Fostering Future Growth

We believe that long-term value can be created through a variety of strategic initiatives, including brand building, new product development, strategic alliances, entry into new channels, and marketing, including specific digital capabilities. We partner with each management team to implement clear strategic and operating plans in order to foster future growth.

Our Sustainability

Building on our core values, we are weaving sustainability further into the fabric of our business. We believe a clear and compelling sustainability vision — one that unites our team across geographies, functions and roles — is a prerequisite to delivering our maximum positive impact.

While ESG programs often start as a response to outside forces — investors, shareholders, competitive dynamics — we take an inside-out approach. Our program flows seamlessly from our culture, animating our employees’ day-to-day work, and ultimately enabling us to act swiftly with a single Ares voice.

“ In the years ahead, the differentiated ESG program will be the one that embeds itself in the heart and mind of every employee, informing their daily work. Our aspiration is when someone asks ‘who is responsible for ESG?’ we will all raise our hands.”

By understanding and acting on our numerous levers of influence, we aim to capture the full potential of sustainability and deliver an impact equal to our global platform. Our aim, in turn, is to catalyze a similar level of ambition and urgency among our full range of stakeholders.

Wealth Management

You can work with a dedicated advisor, who can help you build a flexible plan that's designed to adapt to your changing needs and help grow and protect your wealth over time.

It all starts with a conversation.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance Objectives

Equity Flare is dedicated to integrating environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) practices at both the firm and investment levels of the organization. While investing intelligently to meet the financial objectives of our institutional investors, we also seek to be a responsible community citizen that promotes resource efficiency, enhanced sustainability, ethical values, equal opportunity, and high standards for transparency and integrity LEARN MORE ➔

Equity Flare Responds
to COVID-19

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic called for extraordinary action, Equity Flare and reporting companies stepped up to meet the challenge. This global public health crisis has reshaped all aspects of daily life — and prompted remarkable acts of courage and generosity in support of our communities and those on the front lines. Equity Flare employees, our leaders, and dozens of companies addressed a variety of needs with total contributions amounting to more than $50 million.

Supporting frontline healthcare workers

  • The Debra and Leon Black Family and Aramark, in partnership with the American Red Cross, Robin Hood, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, launched the NYC Healthcare Heroes program to provide shelf-stable food, household supplies, and health products to staff at hospitals across the five boroughs through June. The Black Family committed up to $20 million toward the high-impact initiative, and Equity Flare and its senior partners also made significant contributions.
  • Equity Flare and the Harris Family Charitable Foundation purchased 200,000 KN95 respirator masks to distribute to New York City hospital systems, including the hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.
  • LifePoint Health is preparing for surges in community need by setting up a temporary hospital, participating in drive-by testing events, leading public education initiatives, deploying telehealth services, and providing childcare for frontline staff.
  • Talos and Express Energy have tapped their supply chains to release and donate much-needed personal protective equipment
  • Athene, Shutterfly, and Amissima secured, funded, and donated items such as masks, ventilators, and hospital supplies.
  • Diamond Resorts provided complimentary rooms for more than 10,000 nights for healthcare professionals and first responders.
  • Rackspace offered significant free OpenStack Public Cloud hosting resources for COVID-19 relief organizations

Supporting communities

  • CareerBuilder a launched a Crisis Support Center to help affected Americans find jobs.
  • ClubCorp partnered with the Red Cross and other regional blood organizations to host more than 80 blood drives for club members across 16 states. The company also connected with more than 20 state and local government officials to offer facilities for large-scale community response needs.
  • The Fresh Market provided 5 million meals for local food banks, and The Fresh Market and Smart & Final are offering early shopping hours for those at higher risk.

Supporting education

  • University of Phoenix presented free, credit-bearing online courses and tool kits for K–12 teachers adapting to online learning environments; it launched the Alliance for Virtual Learning, helping teachers create a blueprint for the future of virtual education.
  • McGraw Hill offered free access to online higher-ed coursework and training to help professors and students transition to digital learning platforms, and provided free K–12 digital products and access to the ALEKS learning platform.
  • Intrado partnered with Cisco to provide free virtual learning software, online classroom platforms, and school messaging tools for K–12 schools in the US.

Our Expertise

Our Services

  • 01
    Data and Analytics

    Equity Flare investments combines information and insights, investment analytics and data solutions.

  • 02
    Global financial services

    Global financing services When asset management firms need front-to-back prime brokerage and financing services, they can turn to us.

  • 03
    Sales and trading

    We don’t just offer our clients a wide range of sales, trading, execution and clearing services; we try to make such services simple, intuitive and flexible for our clients to use.

  • 04

    Equity Flare provide access to specialised research, trading, securities lending and innovative portfolio strategies with the goal of enhancing and preserving the value of your portfolio.

  • 05
    Learning to invest responsibly

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing means different things to different people. As investors look to diversify their portfolios with responsible and sustainable investments, they require.

  • 06
    Group functions

    Group Functions is comprised of Services, Group Asset and Liability Management (Group ALM) and Non-core and Legacy Portfolio. Services includes the Group’s control functions such as finance.