Since our founding in 2016, Equity Flare consistent, rigorous, value-oriented approach across private equity, credit, and real assets has helped make us one of the largest alternative investment managers serving many of the world’s most prominent institutional investors.

Serving Our Investors

As one of the world’s largest alternative investment managers, Equity Flare manages capital for hundreds of fund investors in dozens of countries, including some of the most sophisticated institutional allocators of capital. Pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, financial institutions, and family offices alike rely on Equity Flare to deliver differentiated long-term investment performance.

Fostering deep, long-lasting relationships with investors is paramount, and we believe our commitment to meet their needs is one important reason many of them are invested in multiple Equity Flare funds. We believe that strong investor relationships have helped to create lasting value for investors.

Equity Flare-managed funds help provide pensions for public servants around the globe.
Equity Flare funds invest in many communities, and promote responsible practices where they invest.

Equity Flare’s fund investors are diversified by type and geography

Investor Base by Type


Public Pension


Finance/ Insurance Company


Sovereign / Governmental




High Net Worth / Retail


Corporate Pension


Fund of Funds/ Consultan


Endowment/ Foundation

Investor Base by Geography


North America




Middle East






Latin America

Our Purpose and Values

Equity Flare invests in opportunities, communities, and our people to achieve exceptional outcomes for our investors and a positive social impact. We embrace complexity and fuel innovation to find potential where others do not. We achieve our purpose by living our values every day:

  • Outperform Expectations:We pursue excellence through the tenacity, passion and integrity of our people.
  • Challenge Convention:We create value and find uncommon investment opportunities through continual learning, contrarian thinking, and rigorous debate.
  • Champion Diversity and Inclusion:We seek diverse perspectives, foster belonging for all of our employees, and commit to making progress every day.
  • Lead Responsibly:We hold ourselves to the highest standards as financial and social stewards; we strive to make a positive impact at every opportunity.
  • Drive Collaboration:We work together as a One Equity Flare team – without silos – across our integrated platform, and we endeavor to develop the leadership capabilities of all our people.

Equity Flare AUM has Grown Nearly 7.0x in 6 years

Growth in Equity Flare total assets under management (AUM) over the past 6 years has been driven largely by yield-oriented permanent capital vehicles, and by Equity Flare continued success in opportunistic investing.








4Q 2016
Permanent Capital Vehicles
Other Credit
Credit Acquisitions
Private Equity
Real Assets
4Q 2016

What we do

We are professional

Our Focus

Regardless of investment strategy or geography, we are committed to meeting our investors’ primary goal: realizing strong, risk-adjusted returns.

The evolution of valuation metrics in determining whether a company’s stock is cheap or expensive is a topic we explored in “Evolve or perish: The evolution of company valuation,” which included discussion of the shortcomings of book yield in the post-digital era. Now we turn to the recent relative underperformance of value stocks and provide our views on their outlook: Will value be great again?

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About Us


Our aim over the next 10 years is to bring responsible investors together to work towards sustainable markets that contribute to a more prosperous world for all.

What is Equity Flare Mission

“We believe that an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is a necessity for long-term value creation. Such a system will reward long-term, responsible investment and benefit the environment and society as a whole. Equity Flare will work to achieve this sustainable global financial system by encouraging adoption of the Principles and collaboration on their implementation; by fostering good governance, integrity and accountability; and by addressing obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lie within market practices, structures and regulation.”


For signatory status to be meaningful, and for beneficiaries to see the benefits they are entitled to, we must ensure that signatories are living up to the commitments they make when signing up to the Principles.

A race to the top and a clear rulebook improve results

For signatory status to be meaningful, and for beneficiaries to see the benefits they are entitled to, we must ensure that signatories are living up to the commitments they make when signing up to the Principles. Ensuring that signatories are held accountable empowers us to recognise the leaders, and support those that are lagging behind.

Number of signatories that Equity Flare engaged with due to being below the minimum requirements in 2018

Minimum requirements flowchart

Increasing Accountability


Following growing calls from across the signatory base for more stringent measures, 2017/18 was the first year since we introduced minimum requirements for our investor signatories. The new standards have been generally well received, both in principle from the signatory base as a whole, and in practice – as a useful mechanism through which to improve – from those that have needed support from the PRI to meet the standard required. There are currently 69 signatories are on the watchlist for potential delisting.


Connecting signatories with each other, bringing insights from the academic world and providing formal training are all crucial to expanding collective knoweldge on responsible investment.



Equity Flare Academic Network aims to address investor challenges by collaborating with academic partners on getting usable practitioner insights from academic research.


As awareness of sustainability’s importance to financial systems has grown, recent years have seen the proliferation of sustainable finance expert groups around the world. Supporting these national and regional partnerships of investors and policy makers has been a key part of our work to create a more sustainable financial system.


Reliable, timely information is needed for beneficiaries to understand and influence their investments, for asset owners to monitor their managers and for investment managers to accurately price assets and assess risk.


After more than 6 years in operation, Equity Flare is more mature in many areas – including as an employer. We are increasingly recognised as a desirable place to work, and are benefiting from being able to attract growing pools of candidates for roles at both the senior and junior level.


We have received good results from using the Applied recruitment tool, which brings a more data-driven, more collaborative and more objective approach to screening candidates.

  • Setting candidates representative questions helps us to more practically asses people’s ability to do the job in question than by screening CVs
  • Anonymising answers helps to avoid unconscious biases from erroneously diverting attention to/from particular candidates based on factors relating to identity/background, such as geography, race, gender or socioeconomics
  • Isolating a candidates’ responses from each other helps to remove the halo/horn effect of strength/weakness in one area unduly affecting the impression of other areas.


As part of our 2018-21 strategy, we committed to conduct an organisational review once we had grown to more than 100 employees. The review conducted last year included:

  • scoping how our geographical coverage will evolve as the signatory base grows;
  • developing new business/project planning process and systems;
  • mapping typical signatory journeys;
  • evaluating the management structure and realigning decision-making

As such, 2018/19 has been an important year for laying new foundations for Equity Flare and we must now focus on embedding those changes and assessing whether they are delivering the value expected.

Values and Culture

Our Greatest Assets are Our Culture and Our Team

Our success over the last 6 years has been driven in large part by our distinctive culture. While we are a mosaic of different backgrounds and experiences, we are unified and grounded in everything that we do by our shared values. Our culture is underpinned by living these core values each day."

Our Core Values


We achieve more together

We believe that active collaboration across our team and with our investors and strategic partners generates better outcomes.


We strive to be a force for good

We are a driver of positive change, sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion both inside and outside of our organization.


We innovate and build

We empower our people to take an “ownership approach”, operate as leaders and pursue smart risks because we believe this drives excellence.

Self Aware

We reflect and evolve

We believe in direct feedback, approach everything with a growth mindset, celebrate our wins, learn from our losses and strive for continuous improvement.


We are dedicated stewards

We serve an important role in the lives of our stakeholders and we honor the trust that has been placed in us through our daily actions.

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Let’s discuss about how we Invest

Creating a sustainable future

We recognise that, increasingly, customers and clients are looking to align their investments with their environmental and social values and we have a range of Planet+ funds that have the potential to help meet this need.

This is why our investment decisions are underpinned by our commitment to investing responsibly. We support our customers’ and clients’ financial goals by aiming to generate competitive, long-term returns, all while working towards our mission to help fix the planet one investment at a time.

Targeting positive outcomes

We aim to improve the world by investing with care. Our active approach to managing money considers a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that can have an impact on our investments..

This is why we engage directly with the businesses we invest in. Supporting them in their mission to improve people’s lives, make society stronger and protect our planet. Helping others to become greener, more responsible and sustainable. We’re dedicated to offering quality investment solutions and investing in the right way, supporting our ambitions for a more positive future. Not just for our customers and clients but for our planet too. We all want to create a brighter future for the next generation. We are unable to give financial advice. If you are unsure about the suitability of your investment, speak to your financial adviser.

Integrate ESG into our investments and accelerate engagement

Equity Flare Advantage in ESG

At Equity Flare, research focus on ESG includes core criteria while additional material ESG issues are increasingly integrated These are inputs to help identify risks and opportunities.

Our Governance

Equity Flare will continue to be responsible for administering Assessments, providing the benchmarks, promoting widespread adoption of the Equity Flare Standards and supporting investor and participant members.

Our Expertise

Managing your

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    Managing your existing investment with Equity Flare

    We believe that it makes sense to regularly review your portfolio to make sure your investments are in the best shape to help keep your long-term financial goals on track.

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    Make an investment

    You can make a new investment with Equity Flare or top up with a one-off lump sum .

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    Consider the risk

    Whenever you make a decision – in everyday life or in investment – you face an element of risk. But if you understand the risks, you can begin to manage and minimise them.

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    Manage your EF investments online

    We believe that it makes sense to regularly review your portfolio to make sure your investments are in the best shape to help keep your long-term financial goals on track. As your personal circumstances change, so should your investments.

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    Online valuations

    My Account is the easy way to access online valuations on your M&G investments anytime, day or night.

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    Withdrawing your EF funds and products

    If you are looking to withdraw your investment with Equity Flare there are several options available to you.

Women, Investing and the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance


Financial success isn’t simply about the accumulation of funds for the long-term – for women, it’s about having the agility to achieve short- and medium-term lifestyle goals, and the freedom to make choices as opportunities arise.

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