Women, Investing and the
Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance

Balancing wealth goals with life’s realities is a constant challenge.

Wealth-Life Balance

Women are increasingly in charge of personal wealth yet their financial goals and overall investment philosophy is often at odds with how the financial industry has traditionally helped investors manage their savings.


For the first time, women control more of the private wealth in the U.S. than men.

The vast majority of women see investing as a way to meet short and long-term goals.

Investing for the short term

Investing for the long term


According to our research, women are living a time-starved reality. While men generally see themselves as either the CEO or CFO of the household, women take on responsibility for the entire C-suite. It’s no surprise, then, that time management is a daily challenge for women.

70% of women are looking for ways to streamline their responsiblities.

63% of women* say “planning for tomorrow is difficult when there is already so much on my plate.”.

*Women surveyed under the age of 55.


WOMEN ON WEALTH-LIFE BALANCE Women are finding it difficult to pursue these
life and wealth goals simultaneously. They want wealth to be
an agent to living their desired lifestyles.

84% of women view investing as a
tool to create choices in life.


Women want financial institutions to make a better effort to understand their realities. When asked about the financial industry and services more than half of the women surveyed said the financial services industry doesn’t reflect their lifestyles or realities.